Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's David's? in Songdo (good eats, drinks, entertainment)

I was sweetly reminded by my better half that I have not posted anything in a looong time. This is true and not without a lot of excuses.

In the middle of August a new dining and drinking establishment named What's David's? opened in Songdo, Incheon. No, the question mark is not a typo in the middle of my sentence but rather an omage to the constant questions the owners David and HeeKyong Moore fielded when What's David's was opening on a baren side of the Dream City building in New Songdo City.

What's David's? has two central themes, provide a great bar for patrons to saddle up to for fish and chips witha pint of Guiness or Kilkenny. They also provide a trendy spot for people to get tasty tapas and pizzas. It's an unlikely combo, on a once very raw location, that has taken off well beyond all estimates. And get this, it's NON-SMOKING! Patrons can easily step outside for a puff.

The menu Is largely Western with some tips of the hat to the East. For example, the fish and chips are not a simple batter coating but a crispy, flaky style loved by Koreans and westerners alike. Burritos come 3 per plate in a cone and are tasty. Burgers are generous and hand made. Yes, hand made and come on Chef Max's own special made buns. Hand tossed Pizzas roll from the clay oven with various styles and topping available. You like steak? What's David's features Wagyu beef from Australia and it's quality is noticable. Many items come with a side salad that features a mustard vinagarette. Yum! No artificial transfat containing products are used at What's David's

The drinks range from Kilkenny, Guiness and Max on tap with a fridge full of US, Mexican and Belgian beers. The wine selection features wines from Spain, France, Argintina, Australia and more. Mixed drinks and whisky drinks are avialale as well. I'll confess, I've slammed a few of a special drink named after a German patron called Helmut. It's OJ and Jagermeister. Never in my wildest dreams woould I have thought of that but here I am, a fan.

The decore indicates that someone may have lived in Spain at some point adn that is true. The owners lived in Spain for quite some time and have a warm spot in their heart for the county. Rich colors over stucco contours really make it happen for this place. Recessed seating in the back of the place make for cozy social sitting with friends. The bar is just what David ordered and does a great job of propping up weary Westerners and Asians alike.

The entertainment is often provided by a local acoustic quartet called "Hazel". They are comprised of 2 violinists and 2 guitarist who play pop, rock, folk, and a bit of Jazz. We are awesome...ooops! Yeah, I'm in the band. I'm bad at horn tooting so I'll just tell you to check us out on facebook.

The meal prices at What's David's are certainly more than you will pay for chicken and hoff but you get so much more. For example, a buger with hand-made fries and salad are in the W10,000 range. At the Sheraton something similar is W18,000. Beer prices are on par with other places in and around Songdo.

Kids? Sure! This is a place meant for everyone. Check out What's David's for business lunches, dates, and just blowing off some steam.

What's David's is open seven days per week. Check out their Face book account for more details. Look under "David's in Songdo".

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